Community Partners

We are partnering with groups in the community with similar missions. Here is a list of these groups and more information;

Safe Organized Spaces: The St Francis Challenge

Safe Organized Spaces are transitional villages administered by service providers that:

  • Meet California State codes for emergency shelter response.
  • Operate in partnership with property owners, neighbors, village participants, & service providers in coordination with City services.
  • Activate underutilized public/private land with interim permits, license agreements, insurance, baseline health and safety standards, a built-in process for multi-stakeholder input & evaluation, community benefits, and site-specific agreements.

Miracle Messages

Miracle Messages is an nonprofit that offers reunions to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness reconnect with their loved ones in a positive and supportive way. Our process is simple and effective: we train local referral partners and volunteers how to record and deliver video, audio, and text messages from their homeless neighbors to loved ones. Next, our volunteer “Miracle Messengers” attempt to locate the loved ones and deliver the message.

Wood Street Collective

Wood Street collective is a 29-acre city-sanctioned camping area for homeless people in Oakland California. We are collaborating to help build shelters and infrastructure as well as bringing people to meet them and build connections in the community.